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I couldn’t upload part 5 of this guide with the shots for the onboarding to MAM-WS, so broke it out into a new part.

Do read the Part 5 before continuing unless you are eager to look at a roll of pictures for the MAM-WS workflow on an Android 9.0 device.

To pull this off the device should be setup and on WIFI, do not install the company store, we’ll install Microsoft Outlook.

Using the app store on Android or iOS, Download Microsoft Outlook then open the application to begin the work-flow. I’ll take the screen shots from an Android device but the work-flow is near-identical for iOS.



  • Tap in your test accounts email address


  • We’re switch over to Office 365 for authentication, enter the password

  • If you’ve implemented the MFA Conditional Access policy or enabled it in the other polices you’ll be prompted so enter the password


  • We started this without the Company Portal installed, so we’re prompted to get that out of the way now, even though we will not log into the Company Portal we need it installed for API / Authentication, Select Get the app


  • We are taken to the Google Play store where we Select Install